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Buy VGOD E-juice Online at the best prices in Pakistan.

Vaping industry has revolutionized Pakistan and getting hype day by day, and people have adapted to this new culture in the last few years. VGOD is among those e-juice companies which offered the best vaping experience around the world at the cheapest rates, if you have also switched from smoking to vaping or if you are new to vaping and looking for a better experience then you must check our VGOD offerings from our latest collection and order online by visiting our website.

Experience the safest and most unique vaping experience with our exclusive VGOD E-juice range in Pakistan

VGOD launches exclusive e-juice flavors in Pakistan that are designed purposely to give you a better vaping experience in the safest way, the nic salt comes in a 30 ML container bottle with 25MG, 50 MG and free base E-juice comes in 60ml. VGOD e-juice is properly tested and created in a hygienic environment by taking all the health and safety measures. We have a variety and full range of VGOD flavors available on our website which you can easily order online in Pakistan. VGOD is the market leader in creating and delivering marvelous flavors with nicotine, so get your VGOD online now and start experiencing a different and safest lifestyle.

Top VGOD Nic Salt Flavors in Pakistan:

We are proudly presenting the best and most unique flavors for our customers to have a unique and completely different smoking experience. A few of the best flavors are discussed below.

VGOD Cubano Rich Creamy E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

All the satisfying flavors of a hand-rolled Cuban cigar drizzled with soothing vanilla cream for a rich and satisfying vape. A fantastic E-Liquid that accurately recreates the bold taste of a fully flavored Cuban cigar. If you love the taste of full-flavored tobacco E-Liquids then Cubano from VGOD is perfect for you to order online in Pakistan.

VGOD Lush Ice E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

VGOD’s signature watermelon candy flavor climaxing with a fresh breeze of menthol elevated with nic salt, in 25mg and 50mg, to bring your favorite low-wattage device to life. The juicy sweet watermelon refreshes you tremendously, delivering notes of tang and sweetness while the intense juiciness rushes down the throat to satisfy your thirst. The cool menthol finish keeps you from overheating on hot days spent outdoors. VGOD Lush Ice collection comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle. Its 50/50 VG/PG base allows for nice-sized vape clouds and a solid throat hit. This e-juice from VGOD has a cooling menthol flavor that goes perfectly with the fruit flavor of juicy watermelon in Pakistan.

VGOD Cubano Black E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

VGOD – Cubano Black Salt Nic Made in the USA More robust tobacco, more rich and creamy vanilla custard, and more for your low-wattage device. Cubano Black is presented in a 30 ml bottle with a CRC cap. Currently available in 25mg and 50mg online in Pakistan.

VGOD Dry Tobacco E-Liquid Online in Pakistan:

VGOD – Dry Tobacco Salt Nic Made in The USA Whether you are a transitional vaper who just made the switch or someone who enjoys the flavor of flue-cured Tobacco AA Dry Tobacco AA is presented in a 30 ml bottle with a CRC cap. Currently available in 25mg and 50mg online in Pakistan.

VGOD Iced Apple Bomb – E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

Iced Apple Bomb is a multi-layered burst of a juicy Granny Smith apple at the start of the pull that progresses into a rich sour tartness of a sweet candied sour apple belt and finishes with a smooth iced menthol. VGOD Iced Apple Bomb Salt Nic is for low-wattage refillable devices only. You can order it online in Pakistan.

Top VGOD Free Base Flavors in Pakistan:

VGOD Iced Berry Bomb – E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

Berry Bomb Iced delivers true sensory elicitation of zesty red ripened strawberries wrapped in a soft sour strawberry belt candy mixed with a refreshing icy menthol finish. Berry Bomb Iced is super smooth, erupting with fruity tart sweetness and an icy chill that makes it absolutely delicious at every pull. Blast your taste buds with a bottle of VGOD Berry Bomb Iced today in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths, Order it online in Pakistan.

VGOD Purple Bomb – E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

VGOD brings you another twist on their original Purple Bomb, ICED Purple Bomb. If you are in search of an e-juice with a kick to it, the iced version of the purple bomb needs to be in your tank! A nice delicious purple grape flavor with full effect from start to finish! Nice cold purple grape on the inhale, and sweetness on the exhale. This e-juice is packaged in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle and is available in nicotine levels 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. 70/30 on VG and PG to deliver both great vapor production and flavor amplification, You can order it online in Pakistan.

VGOD Iced Mango Bomb – E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

Shop Iced Mango Bomb by VGOD, featuring a thick mango nectar base enhanced with an uplifting blast of menthol to refresh the senses, Mango is said to be the King of all fruits and here in Pakistan people always tend to experience anything that comes in Mango flavor, it is one of the bestselling flavors of VGOD, you can order it online in Pakistan from our website.

VGOD Lush Ice E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

Lush Ice by VGOD is a carefully crafted concoction of sweet candied watermelon touched by a hint of mentholated goodness that will lend cooling to the next all-day vape. Watermelon is the weakness of Pakistani and this flavor is admired by our vape lovers. You can order it directly from our website all over Pakistan.

VOGD Apple Bomb E-Liquid online in Pakistan:

Apple Bomb Iced offers you the semblance of a green, glossy ripened Granny Smith apple that is crisp at every bite. It is dripping with the fruity juiciness of the flesh from the apple at the forefront of the inhale. It is an impeccable pucker-inducing crunch of a green sour apple with menthol that is mellow yet revitalizing for any palate. VGOD Apple Bomb Iced will detonate your taste buds all day long in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths. You can order it directly from our website online in Pakistan.